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Üzüm Advertising Ltd. Sti. Since 2010, we have added many corporate companies and businesses to our references in the signage and advertising sector, among which some of the leading companies are Pimapen, Winsa, Egepen, Şok Market, Permolit and Dyo Boya. Our quality workmanship, friendly staff, reasonable prices and on-time delivery guarantee play a major role in our customers’ preference for us as Advertiser in and around Ankara. By combining our knowledge and experience with the inspiration we received from our customer satisfaction, we have accomplished the projects that are called difficult and we will continue to succeed together. We would like you to know that we will be happy to add you, our valued customers, to our portfolio.
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Illuminated Signs, which you can see almost everywhere, are the most common type of signage that companies use to increase their advertisements and brand awareness when you look around while walking on the street and waiting in traffic. Although they are made with many different letter systems, they serve the same purpose.
Totem signs are often found on the sidewalks of the roads. It appeals to pedestrian and vehicle traffic with high visibility and creates awareness. According to the design, composite is formed by coating from materials such as Aluminum. It is mounted on illuminated or non-illuminated letters.
It is usually applied perpendicular to the sign at the end of the signboard in areas suitable for pedestrian and human traffic. By looking at totem signs, their cost is low and useful. They are usually the same size as the sign. They are produced with or without light.
Roof signage, If you have a beautiful roof facade that appeals to streets and streets next to your facade, Roof signs are one of the types of signage you can choose. With colors such as red, white and yellow, you can be noticed from miles away with the right font and size. It is useful to stay away from blue and its tones. 🙂
Pharmacy Signs are transformed into new generation pharmacy signs as a single type by regulation. Although the time given by the regulation to our pharmacists for change is getting longer every year, all of them will have to change over time. We stand by our pharmacists with our advantageous and fixed prices on pharmacy signs.
What we mean by custom design signboards is actually illuminated and non-illuminated signage and decoration products that we bring to life by making your unusual and remarkable designs suitable for production in your imagination. We love to do that between us.
Digital Printing is used quite frequently in the advertising industry today. Canvas Signage, Glass Dressing, Vehicle Dressing, Indoor and Outdoor images, wallpapers, benners, billboards etc. With a wide range of uses, these areas can also be your cost-effective advertising tool.
led light box ankara


Led LightBoxes, which can be counted among the innovations in the sector, are printed on a special fabric with UV printing, giving great results with very powerful LED lights with wide lenses behind them, and you can present your customers with magnificent visuals, especially on menu boards.
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Neon Signgage

Neon Signs are distinguished from other signage types and stand out as they burn brightly and are noticed even in the daytime. They are generally used indoors. Light is obtained by shaping glass tubes and giving high voltage to neon gas. It is useful to know that they are not sensitive and very durable due to the fact that they are glass.